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Luster & Lore creates handcrafted and hand poured candles, made in small batches. 

Luster & Lore includes myself and my mother who serves as the business manager. 

Formally, I'm trained as a historian and have worked in historic houses throughout the South for over ten years. My work as a curator had me researching the why and how of historic homes. I love looking at how families set up homes in the past and have integrated that with the modern needs of everyday life in my home goods and candles. 

When I'm not creating candles, you will likely find me running, drinking coffee, hiking, or enjoying time with my family and friends. 

My desire is that you love these candles as much as I do. I strive to ensure you're happy with your purchase. If there is anything I can do to make your experience fabulous, let me know. 

Candles made in Tennessee.

Family lore

Ziegler's Hot Springs Hotel, Late 1800s.

Ziegler's Hot Springs Hotel, Late 1800s.

Family lore said that an ancestor was a chandler, or candle maker. My grandmother thought it was Charles Ziegler, several greats grandfathers to me. Charles came to the states from Germany in the late 1800s and eventually made his way to western Montana. He built a hotel and several cabins near a hot springs and began welcoming tourists. His family helped with the day-to-day operations of Ziegler's Hot Springs, the hotel and the farm. The community eventually fell into disrepair and none of the buildings are standing today.

However, the problem with family stories is that they're often wrong. Historical research has yet to confirm that he made candles for a living, but sometimes the story is better than the truth. 

Non-Profits We Support

A portion of the profits are donated to Bridges, a non-profit in Nashville, TN that serves over 207,000 families living with hearing loss. They provide education, outreach, case management, interpretation services, and so much more.

Why this cause? My daughter was born in 2016 and never passed a hearing test. After months and multiple hearing tests, it was determined that she has a genetic and permanent hearing loss. Right now it is moderate-severe, and she is losing her hearing as time passes. She is a happy toddler and the most adorable little girl a mama could ask for. 

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